The audio workout tape that will keep your voice in shape!
Now available on CD!

Noted voice teacher, Muriel Brown Older has released her own
customised tape of singing exercises just for your voice.
From beginner to advanced singer, anyone can use this audio
cassette exercise program to keep their vocal skills in
tip-top shape.

The audio tape has a male and female set of exercises that starts
with warm ups and progesses to the "range builders". Each
exercise is demonstrated with a singer and then you sing the
exercise with Muriel's little secrets to keep you in control
of your singing.

"Even professional singers need tools to keep their voices strong",
says Muriel. " I developed this complete audio execise program
as a companion to my "Let's Sing It Right" video training tape.
Practice is the key to really improving your voice and now
everyone can use the techniques I demonstrated on the video tape with the audio tape.

Muriel's wealth of experince covers over thirty years teaching
voice of thousands of successful singers. Now you can take
voice lessons with Muriel Brown Older, "Voice Teacher to the Stars".